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Message Subject RED ALERT!!! ... The TIME IS NOW!!! ... SOUND THE ALARM!!!
Poster Handle Veresanctus
Post Content
And just like in the days of Noah, everyone was going about their lives and NO ONE believed him when he told them what was about to happen.
Very few were in the ark but the majority were mocking him and left outside and died in the flood.

40 days......and I'm counting EVERY SINGLE ONE!

I've waited for this day all my life and I've never been more excited....hf
 Quoting: DaddysGirl

Please explain this.

Also where did your avatar pic come from?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10783814

40 days tile the time of December ~21 and her pic I believe is from a very strange mural from Bank of America
 Quoting: Veresanctus

I found this picture from Apollo here on GLP. The reason I used it as my avatar is because it represents two separate dreams I was given from God many years ago and I was astounded that this picture even existed. I wish I knew the artist and his explanation for it.
 Quoting: DaddysGirl

Yeah I looked again and realized it was not from the mural... It's strange, the girl in the pic seems to be telling me personally to shhhh and to not be telling people some of the things I know, odd ... Please share the dreams
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