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Message Subject RED ALERT!!! ... The TIME IS NOW!!! ... SOUND THE ALARM!!!
Poster Handle DaddysGirl
Post Content
In one dream, there was a wedding taking place in a sanctuary. Everyone was wearing maroon/purple colored attire. They were all seated and ready for the wedding to take place. I was behind the sanctuary, in the forum, where someone was behind me and placed on me a white garment (as like being knitted with holes) over the maroon garment I also was wearing like everyone in the sanctuary. This person also put white shoes on my feet and instructed me to go down the aisle. I went down the aisle to the front of the sanctuary. At the front, where the choir is usually seated, were people sitting there in plain clothing, facing the people in maroon, also waiting for the wedding to take place. But the wedding didnít happen because the bride wasnít ready. I went back up the other aisle of the sanctuary to the bridal chamber (behind the sanctuary) where the bride was getting ready. I came up to her from behind and zipped up her dress and left the room. I went back into the forum (the bridal chamber had a door on both sides) where, through a glass wall, there were people, in a separate part of the building, were buying and selling items on tables that were old and worthless. The items had sale tags on them and these people were giving great value to these items and couldnít see that they were worth nothing. They had no idea, even though they could see through the glass, that a wedding was about to take place, or else they knew and didnít care. They were too caught up in buying and selling of these worthless items on the tables.

In another dream, I stood out on my backyard porch at night and looked into the eastern sky. There was a huge round object that looked like a sun or a moon. It was HUGE! Then, from a more eastern direction, there came another round object, of equal size, that moved toward the first round object until it totally covered it, like an eclipse. At the moment they overlapped one another, something happened that frightened me to the very core of my being, but I donít know what it was, I only felt the fear. I immediately looked at my hands and knew that my body was changing. Before I had time to do anything else, my body was being lifted up off the ground.

And lastly, I look eerily similar to the girl in the pic. I just haven't figured out the brown necklace yet....
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