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Message Subject RED ALERT!!! ... The TIME IS NOW!!! ... SOUND THE ALARM!!!
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
...we got another copy machine scanning the "bible" surface and spiting out copies of 'scripture' without having a spirit to re-translate them 100 percent from the view of the first person spirit...copy machines forget we are 50/50 flesh and spirit so ALL religious text will be 50 percent corrupted to lead away from the spirit within all of us ans put to concepts that seek to rule our co-creator spirit...dam copy machines,we awake will be glad when the rest of the copy machines wake up and run out of ink and remember they are filled with the spirit because we are the shared spirit within...fuk flip the god,savior,prophet priest,devil, angel, etc concepts that lead away from our co-creator spirit within that created the religious concepts through our flesh...wake the hell up co-creators,our flesh contains the spirit,the pages of books and the covers crumbles always just like our covers but our spirit lives on to create another flesh to incarnate into with the help of 2 other flesh that contain the spirit...as its correctly written> when 2 are gathered in my name<the name is spirit),there i<the spirit) will be in the midst of them to help create my flesh to dwell in and tour the creation again...ye must be born again,and again and again and again etc...our shared spirit has always existed even before the religious concepts...
 Quoting: T Ceti H.C. Radnarg

My my.... we are quick to cut others aren't we? Maybe it is you that is corrupting what you see with your theory.

Co-creators?!?!?! New Age garbage!

Holy scriptures are here for a reason. It's a letter from God divinely inspired throughout man's time on Earth. Have you read it and understood it? Maybe you should start.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18225135
...i know we are 50/50 flesh and spirit and the scriptures are 50 percent corrupted because of flesh...if you forget your 100 percent spirit to rule your flesh..your spirit is asleep but your flesh is only awake...copy machines can only scan the surface of text and not see from the spirits point of view...whether you machines like it or not the spirit of the creator walks the earth in the flesh and the days of dogma are numbered and running out very quickly...follow the words and not the spirit and see where that leads you...you will reap what you sow...sow fear,religious prejudice, and superstition and that is what you will reap...we who sow the spirit will reap the spirit...divide the flesh from the spirit by religious concepts that are 50 percent corrupted to lead away from the spirit and you will not stand,your religion will go the way as all of them have gone in the past...and your dumbass will incarnate into another religious system of conflict...have fun recycling in the dirt,that's where snakes that crawl on their bellies stay...they dont become flying serpents of wisdom with the wings of a dove and get off this 3rd rock from a star...that which we bind on earth shall be bound in the universe,that which we loose on earth shall be loosed in the universe....have fun being another slave to the very concepts we created..i have overcome the world and received my new name with the white stone<white potassium iodide crystals)> co-creator...dont say you never had the answers when we initiated Ezekiel 7:19 this year,we gave you the silver and gold,you whom were out in the streets but you walk right by it like the blind and deaf...my 777 thread contains the silver and gold once hidden from the masses by the dogma soldiers of Anubis< that's a metaphor for you copy machines who dont see it hidden from your surface scanners...
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