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Message Subject RED ALERT!!! ... The TIME IS NOW!!! ... SOUND THE ALARM!!!
Poster Handle T Ceti H.C. Radnarg
Post Content
...there's no sitting on the fence,you either remember your "holy" spirit within or you dont remember your "holy"spirit within...you either master the beast/flesh/creations or the beast masters you...there's a reason the chapter of Revelations has this scripture> Revelations 2:17...the white stone is white potassium iodide crystals,the manna spoken of in the old testament...with it you get your new name...it takes 42 weeks of battling with the beast/flesh if you stick to the 'god" diet or it will take 42 months of the beast if you dont stick to the "god" diet...as i said we gave the keys to shut hell and open heaven within,if you want to use them..if not you will be referred to an a copy machine without spirit...the milk is given in the churches for the babies...the meat has been given this year to all from the secret societies that had kept the meat... now its Ezekiel 7:19 this year,eat and be full or drink milk and continue to cry for more to try to be full and spiritually healthy...remain a baby in Christ/spirit if you wish,some of us seek to grow into adulthood...
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