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Poster Handle fatalcharm
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I was under the impression that in order to be eligible for sainthood, you need to have performed 3 miracles.

I do believe that the media has been bias with this whole story, but if what this story says is true, that Treyvon Martin was involved with the Salvation Army and did a lot of volunteer work then he certainly deserves recognition for his good deeds but from my understanding of what it takes to become a saint, it doesn't make him eligible for sainthood.

If simply doing volunteer work, good deeds and being an honor student makes you eligible for sainthood, then what about all the other people who have been murdered who did volunteer work and good deeds in their lives? Does that make them eligible for sainthood too?
 Quoting: fatalcharm

The story is facetious. It's not true.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1915461

Darn it. I was hoping that the rules had changed. I have done a fair bit of volunteer work and good deeds and although I haven't been murdered (yet...) I was hoping that maybe I would be eligible for sainthood one day.

I always fall for satire.
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