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Is all of this really true?

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04/02/2012 11:18 PM
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Is all of this really true?
Occam's Razor: The simpler theory is usually the true theory.

With that said, what we see happening learning information from this site and other non-mainstream sources is that the world is in a huge mess, politically, socially and economically. It seems that all is about to break lose this year, in the year of 2012, as predicted by numerous ancient civilizations and cultures. It seems there are countless secrets being withheld from us, the criminal cabal is only after power, all media is against us with some sort of motive, its as if everything is against us and it will all come crashing down this year.

However, what if none of this is true. I mean lets face it, the track record for conspiracies haven't been very good. The markets were supposed to crash countless times already, we should already be in WWIII, new earthquake, Elenin, mass arrests of Cabal, a lot of it just seems like a bunch of paranoid people like myself who wish for some doom to happen because lets face it, the world isn't very nice. It seems like the simpler theory is the conspiracy theories found within these sites, because all of this makes sense, but what if the people in power are just really that stupid, really that crazy, really that dumbfounded. I mean a majority of people in office have no clue what its like to be poor or anything of that sort, they went to all white schools and had everything paid for and handed to them.

The point I want to make is Occam's Razor says the conspiracy theories make the most sense, but what if really we are all a bunch of dreamers hoping for bad to happen or waiting for doom? Maybe the world really is just of dumb rich people running it and nothing is going to save us like those who say the Galactic Federation of Light is going to save us. (btw i feel as if some galactic federation would create a cooler name i mean cmon that name is def by some guy in his 50s who loved star trek.