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Message Subject Final 12 Baktun 13 Ahau(July 14 2012)is ET First Contact
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I'm having a hardtime believing this whole "Family of Light" thing these days. I used to be really into it, but when I read "Bringers of Dawn", they professed this:

"We will remind you that there is a galactic tidal wave of light from the future coming toward your planet and that this intersection will be felt throughout the masses in the year 1993"

Admittedly, I wasn't born until 1994, but can someone maybe explain that to me a little better?
 Quoting: Arctica

hello, arctica.

my first impression as to what the 1993 ref indicated was something to do with the world wide web, our beloved internet. reviewing its history, i came across this line from 1993: April 30: Date on the declaration by CERN's directors that WWW technology would be freely usable by anyone, with no fees being payable to CERN. A milestone document.
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