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Message Subject Final 12 Baktun 13 Ahau(July 14 2012)is ET First Contact
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
2 Days!! ufo56alien11alien11ufo56
 Quoting: Solar Guardian

Isn't that about the time that huge CME hits the Earth? Maybe the Maya were talking about that.
 Quoting: Earth Daughter

12 baktun, 13ahau is the return of the ancestor's the men of wisdom. or something like that, but i bet all i got that nothing will ever happen.
 Quoting: D'Ace

basically, and this is obviously something that has been awaited for many centuries - not some y2k-like hype (though some argue that our calendar calculations don't actually jibe), one of three things could happen: a) nothing. b) something such as an arrival that is still obscured from our sight and knowledge. or c) something dramatic that will be apparent to many who are open to such a phenomenon.

so there. a and b would still be inconclusive at this stage. but the cme is coming for sure, and quite directly, so it should be interesting in itself, whether related or not. maybe they are in it having come through solar energy portal of the type we have conjectured recently with all those rifts and planet-sized bodies we've observed on and around the sun.
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