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Message Subject Final 12 Baktun 13 Ahau(July 14 2012)is ET First Contact
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Don't fight now children. Its July 13th today. Friday July 13th incase some more of you are confused about what day this is? Is everyone so stupid that they don't think this could actually happen. Let me ask you this, Why all of a sudden does the UK do full disclosure. They were asked too. The US could not because they don't want to be seen as the big fat liers that they are. They deny everything to everyone even their own. The world governments are getting the ball rolling. Doesn't anyone go to other sites for information? Even Russia has been making addmissions about shit like this. Wake up. Do you ever watch documentaries. There's one that proves that along the way in our evolution we did this great huge leap and started to think. They found DNA not of this planet, from this planet in US. When they come back and see the mess we made and what we've done to each other there will be hell to pay. They will clean up the mess and take the ones not desirving off this beutiful planet. Your heart and own thoughts will give you away. There will be no hiding for anyone.
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