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Message Subject PART 1: NWO MIND KONTROL: How a mind controlled Sex Slave works ( UPDATED )
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
i don't think they are amazing, they are disgusting really because it's like turning your personal weapons against yourself.

basically they are virus, programs, they will forced your computer mechanism to hurt itself.

why the phrase know thyself is so important?

because they know yourself and how you work, your brain, your body, your emotions, the reactions you can create and induce if you touch this string or put your finger on this peculiar point.

you are not a prey, you can take back it all and more important you can fight back and be sure of something they will not like the taste of it.
observe, learn how they work, what do they want, what is the goal, what are they doing to reach it etc

it's you or them, no cohabitation, no fake pact of non agression, their intentions speaks for themselves and are the proof this is not possible anymore to tolerate this situation.

you cannot be free into a pyramidal system, you don't need a master if you understand you can master yourself and become better for you and the others.

they twisted it all to broke you from the base to the top, let's see their fav part: the ego.

 Quoting: Monbazillac

Agree. Especially the bolded part.
Which brings me to the next post.
How come they know so much about ourselves, but where is the counter knowledge?

I agree, they ARE the virus. A virus which has studied us for too long , too well, knows the ins and out of our human mind system so well, it can make us dance, make us sing, and make us throw ourselves from a tall building (THE INVASION , Nicole Kidman) , where is the counter knowledge to stop this virus?

If this were a body, then a virus attack automatically triggers the body to develop counter measures.
Whereas after nearly two hundred years of attack by the elite and the Illuminati on our mental defenses, where is our defence against this?

All we have is things like Mind manifestation, the Secret????
Where are the instituitions , where are the movies, where are the books that detail us steps required to be taken , how to defend against mind control, how to recognize an alter deep within the hynotized state, how to recognize a mind control program, etc.

Seems like the story has been pretty much one sided all along.
Their side.

Not ours.
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