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Message Subject PART 1: NWO MIND KONTROL: How a mind controlled Sex Slave works ( UPDATED )
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thats right!
The humans from mid 19th century were not the full wholesome organic human beings of history.

From the mid 19th Century, we are all the altered beings of planet Earth!!!

We is mutated!
And it was so gradual.

This is how it looks to be touched by the devil.
And its principle: Slowly slowly catch the monkey.

Means if you were to go back in time and meet a human being from say 1655, he would be more healthy than you are.
His mind would be more powerful than yours.
He would be more psychic, more close to the earth than you are!!!

P.S . Wonder what the devil is afraid of?
I mean if everything is done kraftily, then its obviuosly afraid of something isn't it?
Therein lies the key.
 Quoting: abhie

Like the thread, Abhie, and the way you handled that troll. But the 1655 thing is BS. For most of the masses, life expectancy was about 40 years.

Also, with the "K" thing, is that also a reference to Kafka? Now there was a guy whose "library" was out there...

Anyways, good onya!
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