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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle John Public
Post Content
i understand the underlying racism in whites in general. its half economics and half racial desperation. when the economy takes a down turn people tend to circle the wagons to insure that their kids eat and have a position in society. the other half is that whites are not producing children at a sustainable rate so they have to create a culture of separation and fear to insure that they sustain their position as majority (minority actually) in society.

here is the problem... although economically it makes sense to seperate, it also alienates the supposed majority (actually minority) and separates them from the rest of society and this will all but ensure that what they fear most will come to fruition. extinction of the white race.

also, if you are not procreating at a sustainable rate then your females have to look else where in hopes of doing what the female species is designed to do. thats procreate. what better mate than one that is genetically dominate?

it is not as simple as i stated but this is the basis of the situation in america (and the world) today. white women will continue to seek black males because the genetic diversity in blacks is what will allow them to procreate and allow some remnants of the white race to remain.

in the end you need african genetics. the entire world does.

glp should understand how solar radiation can affect fertility rates in humans, but has glp taken into consideration how solar radiation affects the fertility rate in the melanin deficient races? i suspect white men have at some level and these things are the basis for there hatred and racism.

my .02 cents.
 Quoting: John Public

the truth is so powerful that it repels ignorance like a magnetic force. thus the reason no one wants to touch what i stated earlier. sol (the sun) is doing a number on the melanin deficient races reproductive systems and they know it will ultimately result in either coming back to african genes or dying out as a race. you will come to love black genetics if for nothing else, for survival.
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