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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Doomwaffles
Post Content

He'll find out eventually when the doctor checks for HIV/AIDS
 Quoting: BRIEF

This all just makes me laugh. You can't be serious. If so, where is your brain? I guess every girl on the planet who has had sex with a black guy has HIV/AIDS? LOL, wow. My boyfriend is very much aware, considering I have a biracial daughter. He isn't a close-minded inbred, which is what you sound like to me. I won't be donating anymore energy to this thread. If so, you would all clearly have something negative to say about my daughter and for that, I would have to find you & I really don't need any charges. Hopefully you and all the other insecure little white boys on this thread wake the fuck up before you cease to exist on this planet.
 Quoting: IndigoSerenity76

well one thing that will help you NOT getting extinct is having children within your own race, so if we are talking about extinction .... you are part of the problem
 Quoting: Doomwaffles

Sounds to me like the dark chocolate is becoming more white chocolate. Maybe the white women are out there raising ahlf white/black babies and the boys will want a white women too then the offspring will be 75% white and 25% black. Extinction maybe the other way around.

 Quoting: MaxFactor

i'm crying ......pphtt

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