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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because white men are out working to pay for their life, and the blacks are just sitting on the porch waiting for some bored, fat, broke, self esteem lacking, non self loving white girl with horrible parents to drive by in her new car... while the white guy works.

Then they spew their ape like words and behaviors, to the white girls, impressing them with their loud, boisterous, aggressive, antisocial behavior...their primal music, wide eyes, tolerance to alcohol, and drugs... while the white guy works...

Then they sneak their way into the white girls cell ohone and time, slowly into their pants, because they are bored too, and have all the timme in the world for the fleshly pursuits of animals and unresponsible subhuman types...while the white guy works...

Then they impregnate the white girl, and leave the white girl, and when the working guy finds out it was a baby ape inside her and not his child, the girl is cast aside into the arms of another ape because no other white working guy will have her, so she gets fatter, uglier, broker, meaner, and blacker...in her heart.....all while the white guy works...
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