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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle truthful
Post Content
I know of ZERO mixed relationships where I live in an affluant, responsible Atlanta Suburb.

Now it is a different story when I go into Poor, trashy, Walmarts across the state of Georgia. it seems the poorer an area, the more ape like the black women look, the fatter the whiote women look, and the more unhuman the black "guys" look.

Its like a race of useless eaters, all grouped together in their pathetic, uneducated, trashey, loser existance...i dont see it as white women with black people....I see it as all the leftover, worthless, useless eaters, species all living together with their heroin, crack, interracial orgy of patheticness....

I dont consider white people with plack people as normal, I see them as broken and mentally imbalanced. I actually dont care if i see a white piece of shit with a black subhuman, they both are losers to me anyway. The smells in the air during sex between them must be horrible...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1290818

doud you are really racist. you need to get over the fact you see interracial couples. their going to happen and happening even more lol. ive been in alot of interracial relationships and to be honest i love every race and never down someone for their skin color. i kind of think you have insecurity problems and resort to bashing on those couples. i live in tucson which is 3% black population and always see guys like you trying to keep people down. hahaha black subhuman? if anyones sub it's you because your personality sucks a fucking human being. your a closed minded LOSER whos probobly pissed at some black dude. lmbo maaan you need some pussy! and try somethin different for once with your scary ass instead of listening to people your influenced by who probobly dont even like black people. OPEN YOUR MIND FOLLOWER!
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