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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle truthful
Post Content
I was at walmart today and I saw so many mixed race kids and couples. I always just thought that only fat white girls date black guys but that is not the case anymore.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 6529013

THAT is what ive been telling people for years. I keep hearing white men in denial that even the thin attractive white women are taking multiple black cocks. Its TRUE. Maybe because being in denial is easier than facing up to what we have to do next if we are to survive as a race.

Personaly, with as many white men acting black and worshipping black athletes on the television,and most of the white women taking black cocks, i dont really have much will to fight for my fellow whites. We are the ONLY race in known history to collectively commit racial suicide.

Just look at how whites who speak up about this nonsense get savaged by other whites. We cant even talk openly about it without being ostracized, losing our jobs, or worse!

I mentioned before that even the younger amish women are leaving their community to get with black men.

You see, when these apes are able to have sex with your white women and white men do nothing, they feel they can get away with ANYTHING. Including robbing your home, raping your wife, and bashing grandmas brains in.

Expect to see more and more of this multicultural nightmare increase.

But no worries. When the economy collapses, the white protectors of these apes will be the first to go as they will have NO clue where they are on the foodchain!lmao
 Quoting: dragunov_1977

lmbo another racist comment for the books, keep it up moron. your mad because you hate to see the black man with a white woman..sucks for you, btw are you christian? yeah your goin to hell unless your already a satanic worshipper. honestly the shit people come up with these days because of their personal insecurities. get the fuck over it, its happening, oh the fuck well! maby if you strive to be a better man then you wont care but i dont see that happening. all your ignorant asses have is the negative portrayal of the bm..rapping wives, robbing homes..hah really? you must have a small peter dude anyways..do your research and become friends with a black person before you interject because if you think you have black friends, chances are they really dont like you. the white man is no longer superior and never has been, kind of why black people are steady being degraded. get a brain for god sakes.
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