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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Gr!g0ri
Post Content
it's a plethera of things

a: black men dont shower thus retaining their natural oder that women are outwardly repulsed by but inwardly drawn to

b: while white guys are driving around their cars black men are walking or playing ball, they stay in great shape even if their diet is poor

c: black men are less likely to take no for an answer when it comes to females. They do not give women the respect that white men give women. His drive to mate overrides his compassion for the equality of both genders thus when he wants to mate and she says no he will not rationalize it and basically restate what he said before and he will keep pushing her and pushing her until she gives in.

d: black men somehow always have fresh ass clothes on no matter how long it's been since they had a job. Noone knows where this money comes from but whats important is that they always look fresh regardless of if they're broke or not.

So you have a white female at the mall who gets approached by a black man with pheromones coming off of him because he was just playing basketball 2 hours prior. He is in good shape and hes wearing fresh ass clothes. You tell him to get lost and he doesnt take your clues. He keeps coming at you and at you and at you. Finally you start to understand that hes not just a black man...he is a man...and you're just a woman....Just a helpless woman

white men love to prop their women up as independant, whit emen are always encouraging their women. Deep down women want a man to be a man and to simply acknowledge her as just a woman
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1380657

what else is crammed up your ass? banana2
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