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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Not Long Now
Post Content
No I'm being dead serious I really curious to why this is happening haven't you've been seeing this too???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3572122

A quote from a GLP member two weeks ago...

And I quote:

"So you've noticed too? Isn't it twisted that the Media has made it their business to ADVERTISE black men with white women as if black men are the only men on the planet?
On every other commercial, tv PROGRAM or movie, you're now seeing black men paired with white women. AGENDA AGENDA AGENDA AGENDA AGENDA AGENDA.
The question all thinking people should be asking is: WHAT is it about the black man's seed that is sooo sought-after that the Media would spend THAT amount of time advertising the subliminal benefits of mating with black men??????
In the movie Obsessed, with freak-yonce' Knowles, they feature a white chick who is psychologically crippled by her obsession with the black male lead character, who just happens to be MARRIED to freak-yonce' in the movie.
And if they aren't portraying black men with white women, they're pairing black women with white males.
It's as if mental patients from the fucked-in-the-head ward have taken over the Media and are foaming at the mouths at the prospect of mixing blacks and whites. And THAT'S why I stopped watching television, and am now very selective of the movies I watch.
Their whole damned mix-em-up assault is Frankensteinesque."

It's not just you my friend that have noticed...

I guess white girls like big dicks and want to hang out with bad-boys, and enjoy having a stretched Vagina.

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