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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle steelwidow
Post Content
No I'm being dead serious I really curious to why this is happening haven't you've been seeing this too???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3572122

OP its funny you posted this topic, just last night i was thinking out loud as to why do white women keep having babies with black men, knowing that according to the stats, the father won't be in the picture? i'm not singling out one race because it happens in every ethnicity but seriously, all these women keep having babies with black men thinking that they will hang around and support it? i know of 2 people that had a kid and soon as the baby was born, dude was out. and the weirdest part was that in both situations, the babies daddy was a long haul truck driver and had like 14 kids throughout the US.

On a side note, why the hell was rodney king swimming? we all know black folk are afraid of water....he pretty much killed himself on that one.
 Quoting: DontBeFooled2012

I have two children. Not ONE of their fathers stayed in the situation to take care of them. They were white. One went to prison and died there, the other I was married too for a year and he ran off when I was 20. A black man came into the picture and raised my girls as his own. We were together 20 years and he's the best dad to them ever. You're BS statisi-TARDS!! Its about people and morals.
 Quoting: steelwidow

like i said, i wasn't singling out one race, but it does happen more frequently with african americans. Congrats on the good relationship
 Quoting: DontBeFooled2012

Thankies! We're no longer together but remain very good friends and involved in each others lives.
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