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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
No I'm being dead serious I really curious to why this is happening haven't you've been seeing this too???
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 3572122

OP its funny you posted this topic, just last night i was thinking out loud as to why do white women keep having babies with black men, knowing that according to the stats, the father won't be in the picture? i'm not singling out one race because it happens in every ethnicity but seriously, all these women keep having babies with black men thinking that they will hang around and support it? i know of 2 people that had a kid and soon as the baby was born, dude was out. and the weirdest part was that in both situations, the babies daddy was a long haul truck driver and had like 14 kids throughout the US.

On a side note, why the hell was rodney king swimming? we all know black folk are afraid of water....he pretty much killed himself on that one.
 Quoting: DontBeFooled2012

I have two children. Not ONE of their fathers stayed in the situation to take care of them. They were white. One went to prison and died there, the other I was married too for a year and he ran off when I was 20. A black man came into the picture and raised my girls as his own. We were together 20 years and he's the best dad to them ever. You're BS statisi-TARDS!! Its about people and morals.
 Quoting: steelwidow

It sounds like you sleep around and pick bad fathers all around...
Why would you have sex with out marriage and bring kids into bad situations.
Selfish and dumb
White guys don't do a good job going down on females.
 Quoting: FirmBeliever

Statistically speaking, black men are generally more reluctant to go down on their woman than hispanic or white men. It's not a small gap either, it's something like 15 or 20%. White men are statistically more eager to go down on their woman and do a proper job than any other race on the planet.

White guys can't keep a steady income.
Again, you have it pretty backwards here. Like, in a delusional way, where your taking a trait of your own race, and imposing it on another. The average white man in the US is far more likely to have a steady source of income, an actual career, and manage his finances responsibly than the average black man.

Most white guys are racist and white women have a diverse group of friends.

This is because it is possible for a black woman to just relax and be a part of a group. A black man's ego is so fragile, so demanding of acknowledgment that he has a difficult time fitting in with a group of men of other races. He always has to chest thump, to try to out-alpha everyone else, it's all a contest to him, all about appearances.

White guys have no kinda swag, style nor sex appeal
What you probably don't realize, is that your people's obsession with style and swag is what is holding you back as a race. It's why your neighborhoods are the way they are, why you are where you are economically, it's why the crime rates are the way they are. Because it's all about boastfulness with you guys. You drop out of school because it's not cool, it's too 'white'. You get suckered into crime and drug dealing because you want to be a tough guy, you spend all your money on trinkets, and you'd rather stay a player than raise the kids you father.

A white guy may not be as flashy, but he's a man in all the way a black guy isn't. He's a builder, a provider, and a protector. And in the long run, women want *men*, not boys dressed like adolescents, covered in bling and dancing around like a fool.

White guys can't handle the truth
Says the guy who can't bring himself to admit that if our two paths hadn't crossed he'd be dancing around a fire in a loincloth with a bone in his nose right now.

White women are developing phat asses which white guys penis is to small too handle.

This may come as a shock to you, but some people actually face their women when they fuck them.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 15254278
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