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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
The reason as I was told by a female college student, is that the white boys don't actively pursue the white girls anymore. The way she said it, they'd rather stay home and play video games, get drunk, or smoke weed.

She said that the black guys pursue with more determination. They play the game better. That's why they are the "players".

Girls, women like to be pursued and be desired. Looks like white guys have lost the urge to pursuit
 Quoting: Deanster

Meanwhile, white men are all busy going after Asian women because they cannot handle their own women, while the Black men can.

Blame yourselves.

(the racism on this site is overwhelming at times.)
I'm 6'3 225. over 9inches. run 4.6 40 yard dash still at age 40. Prefer Italian designers. Stay within my race and actually prefer pure African women (Best DNA). Would bone an Alien tho if I could no lie!..

ok here's my 2 cents:

I honestly think the BBC porn that's on every major sex website is giving your women these New age ideas. Making em curious; and they gossip and whisper starting in high school. Yea -we have bigger penises. So what. Leave us alone, Shit. WE have other things to do like pulling the rest of our kind out of societies gutter.

They (white women) grab on me, or try to catch my eye alll the time at niteclubs in Atlanta where there happens to be a mixed crowd. Not my thing. If its not them it's the emboldened gays..

I conduct business with anyone. Very Well too. I Just don't trade my Genetic Data with anyone. two totally different things.

I'm just frustrated that so many Brothas of my level (degreed, affluent, well traveled) settle down with women outside our race. My own boss's daughter came to the office to "try me out" when she's finally turned 18. After I turned her down (friggin chick was rich) she said, 'thats okay I'm gonna go instead to this Omega Psi Phi guy on campus, And his name is 'Dirty Dawg'. Wtf..
 Quoting: random black guy 4042505

If that is not lying, that's worthy of applause...a Black man who is proud of his race and color.
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