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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Because black men usually don't work for TPTB and are less likely to be one of their dirty workers minions since it is difficult for them to attain status is such positions in society.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12478270

another retard that never heard of affirmative action, please do go look it up.

The "Illuminati" control the government, affirmative action has mad most higher government employees black.

Fuck lets at least try intelligent lies, its like why are black guys so smart so fast so, whatever.

Personally never knew one that was either but that god box selectively chooses from about 7 billion people who it wants you to idolize, and who it wants you to believe is inferior.

You Christians might want to figure this one out;
Satan was caste down in the desert for a thousand years, this is a African religion, eve made out with satan, (BBC) this is why we are where we are at and why the destroyers are winning. Because the true "white girl" which there are actually few left of, keeps seeing these blond died bimbos on tv with black men, when the dye jobs are not white but of African (jewish / persian) decent. Not white at all but already a bunch of half breeds, who are light skin blacks to begin with.

The book says this satan is a master liar, but I find him tedious and boring.
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