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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

Oh my God. I am from Europe. I am shocked at the comments here. Is everybody in the US thinking like this about black people? Or are only racists answering to this thread? I am in shock. Why????

Those comments are so hateful, me as an european cannot grasp it. We do not perceive that kind of difference between the races. It's just another colour of the skin. When you love it doesn't matter. It simply doesn't matter if the other has black, brown, white, any colour of skin!!

Can anyone explain me these views on black persons??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10600424

American Caucasians are under mind control. Next they will advocate starting the Great War because that is what their Masters who control them want.

Sadly their racism will be the end O America and Europe if they don't repent of it but I didn't think they will because they are so deeply indoctrinated in a pseudo Nazi philosophy underlying their identity.

"White" people are an American creation. In the 1600's in America there were both Black ans White Slaves the Slave Master named his Caucasian Slaves White to keep them divided from the Black Slaves to prevent a rebellion if they ever united. The rest of American history has been the upper class pitting the Whites against the Blacks for extortion of both and to prevent them from uniting.

Caucasian Americans are severely damaged psychologically. Young Caucasian Americans are less damaged than older ones but both blacks and whites are traumatized by racism.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 10616946


Everyone is under mind control. The mind rules. We live in a world of thoughts. All of us are conditioned from birth. So one cannot help being racist or not. And man identifies with their mind and body as who they truly are. Man is neither. Even the individual or self is a mental construct. A fabrication of the mind. There is no individual or person.
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