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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
All this thread proves to me is that very few people are willing to look at various the perspectives of the different people posting on here and come to any intelligent, rational, non-emotional or trendy perspective about things. America is so thinned skinned about criticism of different cultures/"races" that we have scared and retarded ourselves out of any constructive discourse. It is a fact that the countries with the most racially homogenous make-ups have less crime, social upheaval, etc. That doesn't mean we can't still work things out anyway and maybe that's just the USA's karma to have to deal with this. Personally I think birds of a feather just tend to stick to together because they will just naturally have more in common. American women typically from my experience either have a big stick up there ass and won't give you the time of day unless you have lots of money, or are super trashy and dumbed down from too much boob tube.
Some avoid this programming and turn out pretty good but as supply is much lower than the demand this creates a lot frustration among decent guys because there isn't enough of these good women to go around and they usually get nabbed up pretty quickly.

I've only met one truly amazing woman that I had an uncanny connection with and I let her get away because I didn't have enough confidence in myself to pursue her at the time...anyway...I think about how wonderful it would have been to have married her and had children and I'm afraid I'm not ever going to meet anyone near as good as her ever again.
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