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Message Subject Why do most White Women like Black Men now??
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
1-Both of the the Feminist-Socialist programming and Civil Rights programming agendas promote equality over merit.
The important thing here is that the promoters themselves of same do not believe in or follow the program

The media and marketers alike consciously promote the idea that the white male is inept and the black male is hip.
99% if not all commercials on TV feature this concept and the result is the promotion of the black male to the white gullible, semiliterate female,
herself a product of the American "Education System"
What we have with white woman is a shallow consumer ever ready to pout her self indulgent duckface to any camera knowing its a window to the world of plastic amd cheap smells that she worships.
In the black community as well this has led to an increase in degeneracy
and deviance, as hiphop and gangsterism have replaced the great black genuis, the Duke Ellington and Count Basie, the master composers and orchestrators who elegantly scored the post war, pre civil-rights history of America.

2 Corporate Culture survives by not being sued. The overabundance of lawyers along with the increase of civil rights lawsuits coupled with the ease with which juries are won over for big damages means that companies have had to indulge this social perspective.
One benefit has been the amelioration of bad image accrued to the company as a result of the destruction of the environment.
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