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2nd Hail storm in a week in Merida Yucatan Mex under 100 Fahrenheit

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04/05/2012 12:18 AM
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2nd Hail storm in a week in Merida Yucatan Mex under 100 Fahrenheit
Second Hail Storm in the same week in Merida Yucatan and the third in less than 20 days... something very very unusual for the Caribbean place, specially when yesterday the thermometer marks 100 degrees Fahrenheit

[link to www.yucatanalminuto.com]

...¨Exactly nearly 48 hours after the tromba struck the Yucatecan capital, the meridanos lived the effect of a new hailstorm.

The Hail Storm lasted just less than 20 minutes and occurred in various parts of the capital of Yucatán to the meridanos surprising by the dimensions of the pieces of frozen water that fell from the sky.

The rain was unusual for the yucatecans, due to that before the heaven was all black, had an intense sun beaming and warm temperatures.

Few after 4: 30 p.m., the sky clouded the white Mérida and began a drizzle, which subsequently became a rain with hail.¨

[link to impreso.milenio.com]
[link to www.yucatan.com.mx]
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