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Message Subject Charles Manson, now 77, gets new chance at parole
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"After 11 failed bids for freedom, notorious serial killer Charles Manson, now 77, is up for parole later this month.

The parole board rejected his bid in 2007, saying Mason "continues to pose an unreasonable danger to others and may still bring harm to anyone he would come in contact with."

Manson refused to participate in that hearing, describing himself as a "prisoner of the political system." He also declined to participate in any psychological evaluations in 2007.

"He refused to cooperate, so the conclusion they drew from the reports is he still remains a danger to the public," Los Angeles County Deputy Dist. Atty. Patrick Sequeira said at the time. "He was convicted of nine horrible murders. He has expressed no remorse or empathy for any of the victims.

A new photo released by state prison system shows Manson with long, gray hair and a beard. It was released at the request of CNN in advance of next Wednesday's parole hearing. [...]"

[link to latimesblogs.latimes.com]

Did anyone notice the whole numerology on this one?

11 attempts
77 years old

 Quoting: SunnyBoy

Convicted serial killer.... Last I checked, he was the only guy to EVER serve a life sentence for killing people who was involved, but never actually killed anyone. I will agree that he is completely insane but he never killed anyone.

I really think he is a victim of MK Ultra.
 Quoting: Question EVERYTHING

He was actually sentenced to death but then in 1972 the California Supreme Court ruled the death penalty unconstitutional. Soon after, that was appealed and the death penalty resumed but he was already Grandfather claused in to the previous ruling.
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