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Message Subject Charles Manson, now 77, gets new chance at parole
Poster Handle WileyThailey
Post Content
America will let him out!!!! Luciferians love this guy. Freaking Swastika right between the eyes of the beast.... He would have long been forgotten if his purpose was complete... But seems he is always current behind bars going on decades now---think about it...
 Quoting: WileyThailey

oh we're back to the "swastika is evil" bit, eh? just because Hitler used it??? he used it because he understood the power behind it. Occult simply means "that which is hidden" and now it would be wise for people to question why has so much been hidden??? and when we do get glimpses of it we're told its evil....then we just believe without questioning....hmmm curious psychology of Man.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13822811

You may do well to examine your own psychology as it pertains to preconceived ideas. Perhaps a lesson in NLP.

Nowhere did I say anything was evil, in fact I spoke of the opposite--love. Don't worry about your secrets and their protection U no doubt a derivative but certainly not a One. Klingon-a cancer-chaos-a 12:60

We, increase our order by One to 13---if u could come-a reduction in order of 3 to 20....Natural 13:20 Resonance----Your propagation of Evil leaves you burning here around His Son. -Pussy
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