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Message Subject Charles Manson, now 77, gets new chance at parole
Poster Handle WileyThailey
Post Content
America will let him out!!!! Luciferians love this guy. Freaking Swastika right between the eyes of the beast.... He would have long been forgotten if his purpose was complete... But seems he is always current behind bars going on decades now---think about it...
 Quoting: WileyThailey

Are you done sucking your rapture cock yet?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 13816855

Rapture for Luciferians? I am confused why the fear of a simple factual statement. Violent the denial upon realizing the absolute evil behind your construct of beliefs. Back with the flock no one came here to harm you, bottle the rage and wait for the signal. And why would anyone want rapture cock from a fat kid, why so enamored when one is connected to you, the perversion and dementia is maddening I do not like the days of the nodding and folks in the yolks spontaneously combusting. Technology gets more cognitive and thus more violent upon itself infinitely as its awareness of its own destruction dawns on the fractured minds of those still clinging on to the derivative of life... Let it go homie your dudes in the desert wasted hoping the wave your riding as u watch it dematerialize under your feet... It gets uglier and uglier until that last one lets go... Lets roll-which warrants a giggle- just a message your insolent dribble-
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