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Message Subject *** The Walking Dead Season 3 Official Thread! ***
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I saw one episode on tv a few weeks ago, it was season 1, I liked it so much that I went looking for it. Now I've seen both seasons in about 2 weeks.

Why do we have to wait so long for season 3? WTF is wrong with you Americans that we have to wait soo damn long, by that time I've already found somthing else to do.

FTS I hate that, it's the same with V and Stargate Universe, and now they've even stopped those shows leaving me in the dark, so that's why I don't like to watch good series sometimes, they will just leave you there waiting for another season while they kill the show.

I know that TWD will continue for at least another season, but what if enough peoples forget and don't watch anymore?
THey will kill it leaving you in the dark.

For the rest, great show, can't wait to see more, I'm hooked.
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