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Message Subject >>>> MARKETS vs. TIMEWAVE ZERO
Poster Handle AAONMS
Post Content
Yeah, no. Sorry. No correlation for yrs 2008, 2009, 2010.

Maybe there's a link between timewave novelty and market volatility, but I'm not gonna bother with that.

Check for yourself:

[link to www.fractal-timewave.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1221657

Actually your wrong. Take a look at the time wave for 2008! The timewave was at the highest peak at the top of the graph at the end of Sep 2008 did then almost vertical line drop beginning of Oct 2008 almost hitting bottom of the graph dec 2008.

Lets take a look what happened in the market at exactly that time!

[link to www.money-zine.com]

One of the worst stock market crashes in history!!!!!!

October 2008 Stock Market Crash!!!!

Stock Market History
Stock Market Crash of 1929
Stock Market Crash of 1987
Stock Market Crash of 2008

Although history may state the actual market crash occurred on Monday, October 6, 2008, the market experienced eight consecutive trading days of negative movement starting on October 1, 2008. The table below shows the decline of the Dow Jones Industrial Average from October 1st through October 10th.
Date DJIA Close Point Change % Change
October 1, 2008 10,831.07 -19.59 -0.18%
October 2, 2008 10,482.85 -348.22 -3.22%
October 3, 2008 10,325.38 -157.47 -1.50%
October 6, 2008 9,955.50 -369.88 -3.58%
October 7, 2008 9,447.11 -508.39 -5.11%
October 8, 2008 9,258.10 -189.01 -2.00%
October 9, 2008 8,579.19 -678.91 -7.33%
October 10, 2008 8,451.19 -128.00 -1.49%

During these eight trading days, the DJIA would drop a total of 2,399.47 points or 22.11%. The market would rebound sharply on Monday October 13, and rise 936.42 points, only to drop 733.08 points on Wednesday of that same week.

October was shaping up to be a volatile month, as investors began reacting to the worrisome credit market news that started back in March 2008.
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