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Message Subject >>>> MARKETS vs. TIMEWAVE ZERO
Poster Handle Horselover Fat
Post Content
three temporal zones
the timewave made its final decent 4/9
on that day a "novel" drop in the DOW (zone 2)

4/10-11 "novel" events in weather across the world, geological events all in 24h, more events related to the sun, ect ect. (zone 1)

4/12 "novel" reported break throughs in zone 1 like:

[link to phys.org]

However, in the presence of the radiation that pervades interstellar space, H3+ can gain energy that causes it to vibrate and lose its symmetry. Here, the electrons are shared among only two of the hydrogen atoms. Asymmetries such as these allow the molecule to emit light and cool down forming stars.

[link to phys.org]

Nuclear physicists recently witnessed an atomic nucleus do something that nobody had ever seen one do before two neutrons at the same time.

[link to news.sciencemag.org]

[link to www.sciencedaily.com]
Scientists have created the first elementary quantum network based on interfaces between single atoms and photons

i imagine as the cosmos keeps moving the way it does, more novel synchronization will occur within in and between the three zones, or even fluxing with eatch other.

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