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Message Subject >>>> MARKETS vs. TIMEWAVE ZERO
Poster Handle Wubbo Ockels
Post Content
Im bored so i will ramble more

Form 1-novelty, negentorpy, photons,

form 2- matter, entropy, time,

from the primodial singularity that hatched this "egg" these two forms pulled apart,leaving us with "universe"

zone 1= form 2
zone 2= form 1+ form 2
zone 3= form 1

it is my opinion the orgin, history and forumaltion of the i-ching and then timewave zero theory is an "intimate diolauge" WITH zone 2. it is both a story, and a map.

it is of my opinion that time is irreal (not to say not real, as people do percieve it) and is litteraly entropy. Novelty imo is negentropy, and this phenomena is similar to time in that it works on the same axis as time (linear) but in the opposite direction. the timewave zero is like the half-life of radiation, a accumlation of frequencys from the big bang to the resonants and flux as the timewave ressonates back to "baseline". it makes this assumption by assuming that the only thing real is the momment. and in that momment is all momments before it (past) and, if you know enough about the momment, all momments after it (the future) becuase the momment is fully subjective, time is not real. with all that ass-suming aside, if you could buy that, then you could buy its prediction of events to come (constant novelty in increasing rate) as the graph falls.

now that i have proven my in-sanity, i think i should stop.
 Quoting: Horselover Fat

I read your posts with great interest, although some of it goes above my intelligence.. you're clearly a deep thinker
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