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I saw a post the other day that went into great detail about Tracy not being a real Mason.

There was a link with all of the official Mason lodges, and Tracy's was no where on it. I wasn't able to find that particular post, but I did find this one.

Hey OP, I believe your facts are a little off. Tracy Martin is not a real Mason. He does not belong to a Prince Hall lodge, nor does he does he belong to a regular Blue Lodge ( you know the type - usually found in the center of any town). The lodge Martin belongs to is considered irregular and clandestine. True Freemasons are not allowed to dicuss Masonic teachings with members of clandestine strains of Masonry. Prince Hall lodges ARE considered regular in many districts, usually drawing black men.

Prince Hall Masonry has always been plagued by groups within
the African American community claiming to be Masonic.
In 2006 in the United States:
Over 245 Bogus or Irregular predominately Black Grand
Over 70 Bogus or Irregular predominately White Grand
Lodges 1
These bogus groups were introduced into the African American
community as economic group enterprises and economic
development activities

This PDF is very infomative and expounds upon Martin's strain of "Masonry", International Free and Accepted Modern Masons:

[link to bluelitepha.files.wordpress.com]
They are wannabees.
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