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Message Subject Signs Of Magnetic Pole Shift Happening Now 2012
Poster Handle Ohwell
Post Content
When you think about how the financial system is being left to go apeshit, you would realise that there is something coming that even the powers that be have no control over that will crash and expose their age old control and manipulation of this planet, hence they've done nothing to salvage the system.

This is why they are stalling on the system collapse. If you think about it, why would they risk 9/11 and the current collapse of the financial system which has facilitated their aeon old slavery system that has done and will do no other thing than awaken the masses to their condition of enslavement as they begin to ask questions. Why would they take that huge risk unless of course they are gonna lose anyway but rather want to try to take advantage of the situation by crating a situation whereby people start pointing fingers at each other rather than the real perpetrators? I think their next event is planned to be nuclear, across multiple cities and blamed on terrorists. This is what they want for an all out war, collapse of the financial system and a police state that has no other intention than to kill a lot of humans. Remember Georgia Guide Stones?

What is coming is going to collapse the system anyway and like Rham Manual said, "Never let a good crisis go to waste". So they are waiting for the solar crisis and even exacerbate it with the threat of terror to divert attention and to confuse the masses even some more. Planetary/galactic events more than anything else calls the shot for what happens on this planet.
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