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Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Old Referee Tries To Get It Into female !!!


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United States
04/07/2012 06:56 PM

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Re: Unsportsmanlike Behavior: Old Referee Tries To Get It Into female !!!
Now seriously:

He has to stay close to that ball (the referee) and keep a close eye on what happens. Bumping into eachother happens all the time, this just seems really weird because he lands on her back and she caries him on it for a moment, ginving the impression he wants to hump her.

When he stood he had to hold her as to prevent her from falling in turn. That's why they gave eachother a pat on the back, they knew it was a mistake and that referee actually made numeral appologies to that lady, during and after the game, even though minutes had past.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 281126

To me it looks a though she suddenly stopped and he was going to continue walking and that's why she fell. I don't see anything untoward about this.

The question is why do the men and women on the team have to shower together?

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