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Message Subject PART 2: NWO WESTERN EDUCATION: Getting the children ready for the coming WORLD SUPERSTATE!
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
Picture this;

You are five years old
I put you in a room.
You sit in front of me.
At regular time intervals, I make a sound, like ringing a bell.
Immediately on hearing the sound you must change the way your mind functions ,
and the change the focus of your mind.
This training is imposed on you with strict regulations.

Failure to do so, means a lot of pain and pressure on you, on your parents,
from your parents, from your peers, from your community.
So you experience a lot of fear associated with this event.
You are made to repeat this for the next 10 to 18 years or more.

The idea is to program you
while BARRICADING you from the outside world.
To create an ensconed world , where you are taught to obey. This is the mind control laboratory, otherwise foolishly called 'SCHOOL'.
You are graded every year.
You are to answer what you have been taught.
Original thinking is punished.
Meaning you cannot put down your own thoughts. God forbid.

The programming does not stop there.
You go home.
You watch tv.
While watching, the programs on tv are designed to break at every 10 minute (or so) intervals.
Your brain has to defocus from what you're watching and focus on advertisements.
Programs on tv tell you how you should live, how you must behave.
They tell you how to think.

Now you've grown up.

The process of splitting your mind into compartments, and the process of converting you into a robot, is over.
To get your mind back as a whole, and to deprogram yourself, will take you a long long long time.
And this was just part of the other programming that went into you.
YOu are now ready for more advanced programming.
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