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May 2 to 9 Ardent Sentry 2012, Mexico And USA (joint forces in a military exercise vs natural disaster)

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04/10/2012 02:07 AM
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May 2 to 9 Ardent Sentry 2012, Mexico And USA (joint forces in a military exercise vs natural disaster)
Civil Air Patrol, the U.S. Air Force auxiliary, of both countries participated in Ardent Sentry, a major homeland security and disaster response exercise in May 2 to 9

After this there will be a CANADA-USA_MEX exercise VS Drug cartels multinational war.
(Remember on 9/11/01 they where also on an exercise)

[link to www.strategypage.com]

March 16, 2012: Mexico and the U.S. have agreed to begin conducting joint military training exercises. U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM) will conduct exercise Ardent Sentry 2012 beginning May 2. Officials describe the exercise as a joint U.S.-Mexico simulation involving military support for civilian agencies in a natural disaster, in this case a hurricane. Ten or 12 years ago an openly-revealed exercise involving the Mexican and U.S. militaries would have been a surprise and subject of harsh political criticism, especially in Mexico, given Mexican historical suspicions of the U.S. military. However, Northcom has had Mexican liaison officers (from the Mexican Army, Navy, and Air Force) operating with its staff for several years and that has been covered in the Mexican press. The U.S. provides Mexico with security intelligence information and by now everyone knows it. Northcom has indicated it may begin conducting exercises which involve U.S., Canadian, and Mexican air and naval forces responding to illegal (criminal) activities. This sort of activity suggests Northcom may be considering a maritime and air narcotics smuggling scenario. Given the two nations’ common concerns with the Cartel War, this scenario makes sense, and everyone who thinks about it knows it. Note that an air-sea counter-drug smuggling exercise is not all that different from any kind of counter-smuggling or anti-infiltration operation. A common scenario in U.S. counter-terror exercises has terrorists attempting to smuggle in a weapon of mass destruction or place a WMD in a maritime cargo container and blow up the freighter carrying it once it reaches a U.S. port. If you can stop the narco-trafficker’s cargo container or aircraft, you can stop the terrorist’s as well. (Austin Bay)
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Anonymous Coward
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04/10/2012 04:32 AM
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Re: May 2 to 9 Ardent Sentry 2012, Mexico And USA (joint forces in a military exercise vs natural disaster)
Zionist leaders of the world(bankster-monarchy-vatican) want to kill all evidence that incriminate their actions promotings drugs traffic,goverment terrorism,promotings ilegal firearms etc etc

poor mexico is fucked with CALDERON(PAN)