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Message Subject I'm an alien-Human hybrid, you have a question or two ?
Poster Handle Captain Planet Alex
Post Content
yeah man, me. I'm a fallen angel here for redemption, I'd like to go back home. If you are truthful in your statements, then you are not alone. How did you wake up?
 Quoting: Captain Planet Alex

Like I said, it all started with my remission from cancer that one night.

I had prepared to die, alone.

I had rectified my regrets, all the things I had held onto for so long, in preparation for my death.

But, after my remission is when things were revealed to me.

I came here, that night, to ask if anybody had ever experienced a " miracle healing ", and somebody asked me out of the blue if I had heard of the MJ-12 program.

I had not.

I have never studied about UFO's, ET's, Zetas ,etc, I was always a huge skeptic about such things.

I did catch a black triangle hovering over my house about a year ago, no more than 40 feet over my roof, about 3am, but I wrote it off as a " military black OPs " vehicle.

But that night my cancer went away, I was guided by a voice, to a large bin of family photos and relics, I was guided, for lack of better terms, to pick certain items out of this container, in which everything was just jumbled together, I had treated it like garbage for a long time.

Anyway, I reached into the bin without looking, blindly feeling around, and when I touched certain items, the voice said " that, take that out ".

The items were, photos of my mother with her virology lab group, a framed photo of Detlev Bronk, an embroidered crown my mother was making for me on her deathbed, some prayers to Pleiadians in a notebook, some things from my grandfather. A few other items.

Should I keep going ?

I always get the random bans when I try to share my story.
 Quoting: !saac

keep typing.
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