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Message Subject I'm an alien-Human hybrid, you have a question or two ?
Poster Handle Bent
Post Content
Post your "supposed" photos of evidence as well as any other physical evidence. Until you do that no one is going to believe you. Since when do people think his or her word means anything on the internet? Even the wording of your topic is a joke just like every other thread that has the same form, "I'm an attention-whore, ask me a question."
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 14027172

I stated at least twice or three times in this thread that the link to my photos is in my sig, on my blog, under the section titled " My pictures ".

This is why I suspect that folks aren't actually reading things that I write.

No harm done though.


[link to isaacslogic.wordpress.com]
 Quoting: !saac

Also, the title to the thread was meant to be " Toungue-in-cheek ".

What else am I supposed to say ?

" I had cancer, it went away in one night, like a miracle "
" I saw a black triangle UFO 30-40 feet over my house "

etc, etc...

Truthfully I have no clue what I am genetically, but I know there there are some very odd things about me, my whole life, and especially since this happened to me three months ago.

I've tried approaching these things in every way possible with people, the only thing most people respond to here is a sensationalist title.

My story is but one among the many, and it is no more believable then any of the other things on this website, however, yes, I do have photos.

All I have is photos, and my experiences.

What are people looking for me to produce ?

" Channeled writings "....?...." alien implants "..abduction stories "..." probes "... ?

I have none of that, only stories to make you rub your chin a few times.
 Quoting: !saac

I believe you OP. I hope you finish your story here.

Also, another title could have been:

"My uncle performed an autopsy on an EBE. Ask me a question."

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