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Message Subject I'm an alien-Human hybrid, you have a question or two ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
What does it mean to you? Does it make you feel differently about yourself, your family, and your past to know this?

I know that finding out about my true origins brought me peace because it finally made sense of a truly hellish childhood. Understanding that my "family" was no family at all, rather a project team (one that lost funding in the early 1970s but was ordered to stay together and stay quiet) lifted a crushing weight off me. I wasn't resented and demeaned because anything was wrong with me or that I was unlovable, I was just a constant reminder that they lived a lie and were trapped in the lie. They feared me, so they constantly abused me to prove their power over me and to maintain the psyop that kept me from knowing a moment's peace. They were certain that if I ever came fully into myself that I would turn into something horrible...something demonic.

The sad part of all of this was that I am not a threat to anyone. I have love, compassion, and God-consciousness; I am a healer to the core. There is no violence or vindictiveness in my makeup and I would have forgiven them and honored them as one might a real adoptive family had I been told the truth. Even though I knew I had been betrayed by them at every turn by the time I was in my early 20s, I still tried to do as much as I could for them in their old age and infirmaty because it was the right, honorable, and compassionate thing to do. They had so cut themselves off from the world that they had no one else. Creator Source dispensed justice; they died within two years of one another (stroke, complications of extreme osteoporosis, heart attack) while I was in my mid-20s.

There are many of us who are hybrids. Some are hybrids through the spiritual line of inheritance (starseeds), some are evolutionary hybrids (natural selection over generations re-concentrates alien DNA contamination until the alien traits surface), and some are black ops projects.

There are many different black ops projects that combined alien, human, and sometimes animal DNA. The most infamous of these are the super-soldier/super-genius projects. Most of the human-made hybrids have met early deaths because they have two timed kill switches that prove fatal by their early 40s: one for endocrine failure (I had this and defeated it), and another that switches an ion channel to create metabolic mayhem, for example, sodium for potassium, or cadmium for calcium (I have both of these and control them through diet). Some accumulate copper and others iron in toxic levels (I accumulate copper, but not enough to cause significant illness). Many hybrids are capable of great feats of endurance and healing...all hybrids who make it past their 40s have gained at least some control over the expression of the DNA.

Let me share with you something that I have learned through my process of discovery and reconciliation: it doesn't matter if you are a hybrid for the same reasons it doesn't matter if you are born out of wedlock, into poverty, or with a handicap. If you are capable of reading this, you are capable of overcoming your circumstances to live your life according to your inner nature. You derive from Creator Source; the only way not to is to have never existed: you exist, therefore you derive from Creator Source, and you have the backing of the full power and love of Creator Source.

That legacy belongs equally to all of us, human and alien, therefore we are all equal until we do something, like try to destroy our God-consciousness, that disrupts our connection with Creator Source. It is so interesting that the weakest among us are those most starved of that connection, yet are the most aggressive to assert that they are "superior" to others. If you understand that energy flow, you understand the relationship with Creator Source. Once you understand that, all false categories fall away, and compassion rules.

Be at peace....be yourself.
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