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Message Subject I'm an alien-Human hybrid, you have a question or two ?
Poster Handle YOUCITY23
Post Content
Ok, what happened next.

After this first initial hour, this was when the whispering voice told me to go to the bin of photos, it said it some things it wanted to show me.

I have to stress that I don't normally hear voices, never have, just for anybody wondering the condition of my " sanity ".

So, I pulled all these things out, and the voice faded.

At this point, I am sitting there thinking " I just had a remission from cancer, and some strange " telepathic " voice talking to me, I must be losing it, finally... "

I have to admit, this was all slightly amusing too, life is an adventure, no ?

All of a sudden, the same voice comes back and tells me to look up " Shalom et Benedictus "

...this was strange, because that is the name of a rehab center I was in for 18 months as a troubled teen, mind you, I'm almost 40 ( I was quite the hellion, have been through ALL the places and programs in my teen years. )

I thought, " why would I look that place up, ? "

I did, and the first website I found was one that dealt with paranormal phenomenon.

The were investigating what are called " The Shenandoah Shadows ", and apparently, this rehab I was at, has more paranormal activity than any other location in the USA.

Here is their website

Scroll down to the last two photos on this link and tell me what you see.

[link to shenandoahshadows.org]

Spooky, no ?

I was there for a year and a half.

The Jordan Springs center, located on the " Devil's Backbone" , a sacred meeting place for Catawba Indians and other tribes.

( Interestingly, you should see my spine between my shoulders. The vertebrae poke out in all directions, like little horns. No doctor ever made heads or tails out of it, they said it looked like my back had been broken a long time ago, but never dealt with in a hospital or medical treatment, they said it was very strange.)

Jordan Springs center was a monastery, a whorehouse, a hospital, a resort, many things in all, going back to at least the 1500's.

Deep, deep history, you should read about it.

here is the website, it was a great place, and a turning point for the positive in my life as a youth.

[link to www.historicjordansprings.com]

...I'm thinking, " What does this have to do with anything

One sec.? "
 Quoting: !saac

I was at a rehab in Minnesoata that was haunted. It was owned by a very good friend of Eric Clapton.
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