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Message Subject I'm an alien-Human hybrid, you have a question or two ?
Poster Handle YOUCITY23
Post Content
Normally when we experience coincidences, they are far and few between.

They give us pause, we go " Hmmm, that's strange, I wonder if it's supposed to mean anything..? ", ...then we go about our day.

We are all familiar with, or we should all be familiar with , the expression " Correlation does not equal causation ".

If you have experiences in the hard sciences, you've heard this expression before.

This means that we cannot delude ourselves by making random associations between things in order to define a " first cause " to an event.

Causality, however, is very hard to determine, especially when perturbed, possibly, multi-dimensional dynamic systems bring a restoring force to something by form manifesting from chaos.

Many of you are familiar with the " Butterfly effect ", Mandelbrot, and Lyapunov, etc, so you should be familiar with that also.

The point is that we all have to be careful not to ascribe superstitious or delusional beliefs to random events in our lives, but at the same time, we have to acknowledge that the laws of Quantum Mechanics show we can't rule out things like what Einstein deemed " spooky action at a distance " out entirely either.

QM holds at all scales, not just at the atomic level.

QED( Quantum electrodynamics ) on the other hand, is what is used in the study of molecular dynamics, quantum chemistry, etc, but,.. Quantum field theory covers all scales.

Ok, let me tell you about some of the odd coincidences I have experienced recently, they started with running into my friend when I left the house for the first time after " it " all happened.

One sec, I have some things to do.
 Quoting: !saac

Ever since July 23 '07 I have had one after another crazies Coincidences. I don't belive in them anymore. I think that it's syncromistism. Id also like to add that in the past 2-3 months I have had many more of them and each one seems bigger and stranger than the last. Also I have been expereincing something really strange , in the past 4-6 months I have had over 40 street lamps turn off or on when I got near. I have no idea what that's all about.
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