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Message Subject I'm an alien-Human hybrid, you have a question or two ?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Most of the human-made hybrids have met early deaths because they have two timed kill switches that prove fatal by their early 40s: one for endocrine failure (I had this and defeated it), and another that switches an ion channel to create metabolic mayhem, for example, sodium for potassium, or cadmium for calcium (I have both of these and control them through diet). Some accumulate copper and others iron in toxic levels (I accumulate copper, but not enough to cause significant illness). Many hybrids are capable of great feats of endurance and healing...all hybrids who make it past their 40s have gained at least some control over the expression of the DNA.
 Quoting: Ensi Ma'ah

WOW Do you have any links for that info. How did you change your diet? I had adrenal failure at 40 now I'm 44 and worse off.... I had really weird phenomena happen in the last few years. Now I'm just lost...

I was also from the Baltimore/Washington area.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1757708

No links specifically. I had an adrenal complication from the endocrine failure made even worse by the extreme stress of my first 35 years on this planet. So I know the exhaustion and weird symptoms that can cause.


What I did was fairly simple, and has evolved somewhat over the years: I cut back to 700 calories a day, and watched every morsel that went into my mouth to find out what foods were good for me and eliminated any that gave me bad reactions. I stayed on the calorie restriction for six months, then to about 1200 calories per day for a year, and then went to eating mostly normally, although I am picky about what foods I eat. I eat mostly organic vegetables, fish, chicken, nuts, and eliminated refined sugar, bananas, wheat, and all unfermented dairy. I eat berries but not much fruit. I never ate a lot of junk food, but it is a no-brainer that junk food and soda was permanently off the menu. The extreme diet gives the cells a chance to rest, and helps cull the cells that are most compromised. It also helps you more easily identify foods that do not agree with your physiology. You *will* have food intolerances, probably multiple food intolerances, some of which are subtle. A food that makes you feel a bit high right after eating it is toxic to you, even if it feels good and you can't trace a specific problem it is giving you.

I take supplements of antioxidants C, E (I dropped this later and added D), and alphalipoic acid. I took very high doses of these at first, and maintain on a gram of C, 800 mg of D, and have dropped the alphalipoic acid for now. Over time, I added blue green algae and turmeric to my daily supplements, which have worked well. I make my own turmeric capsules from empty gel caps and a bulk bag of spice...you don't have to get fancy, just make sure you are getting simple and real stuff in a form that you can absorb (liquid is best, hard pills are worst).

You must detox, and take your time with it; let your body get very used to the elimination cycle. I took a year to complete it. I ate a bowl of oatmeal every day while detoxing because oatmeal draws toxins out through the colon, and took milk thistle extract to enhance the detox (start very slowly!!!...I started with the recommended dose and went into toxic shock). I eat oatmeal at least once a week and detox with milk thistle 2-3 times a year now, just for a couple of weeks, to maintain.

The key for rebuilding the endocrine system and regulating any autoimmune symptoms you may be having (very common among hybrids) is DHEA (not DHA, although that is good for you, too). I am female, and was taking 100 mg at first (20x the recommended dose), and used every bit of it. A male would require more. Over time, I was able to taper off and now only take it if I have an unusual physical challenge like an illness or sudden increase in physical demands...it helps me heal connective tissues that otherwise will not heal. I use vinegar and baking soda dissolved in water (separately!) as needed to balance pH and electrolytes.

Since I have the potassium/sodium switch, I have to supplement potassium heavily. Be careful...too much potassium can kill, but so can not enough. If you have sporadic cardiac arrythmia and frequent muscle cramps, start slow with potassium until you stop having symptoms, then cut back a little and maintain. Sodium leaches potassium out of the body, so cut back if you have a heavy salt habit. Steamed or raw broccoli is a good source of potassium.

Do not supplement calcium artifically unless told to by your doctor; instead eat plenty of vegetables, some cheese, and take a little vinegar every day...you'll get enough out of your food and the calcium in supplements tends to deposit in the kidneys. Also do not drink large amounts of tea regularly...the tannic acid in tea binds calcium and causes it to deposit in the wrong tissues. When in question about whether you are getting the right minerals, remember that the safest way to absorb minerals is through the skin. Soak in mineral salts (read the label, many are crap), or sit in a lake or ocean regularly. I have yet to find an oral multi-mineral supplement that wasn't dangerous...but you can soak your feet in it and absorb only what you need. Daily vinegar (I use apple cider vinegar) will draw out excess copper. Giving blood regularly is necessary if you have excess iron.

This protocol should work for most hybrids (and many humans), but listen to your body. Since I don't know your makeup, I can't be sure what sensitivities you might have. The biggest problem for black ops hybrids is the presence of extra-nuclear gray alien DNA, which is artificial to start with, and absolutely causes metabolic and autoimmune mayhem. If you have it, you will reach a crisis point at which your body must purge the cells with the highest concentration of that DNA, so you may go through a very bad patch of unexplained and un-remediable illness. Stick with the diet and supplements, exercise as much as you can, soak in mineral salts, let yourself rest when you need to, and you probably will get through it OK as I did.

I hope that helps.
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