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Message Subject I'm an alien-Human hybrid, you have a question or two ?
Poster Handle We Who Watch
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What are the traits of a human-alien hybrid, what are they able to do? Because in my opinion I think anyone can sleep and see visions and have them occur within the next days, weeks, months, or even year after. I mean i don't think its anything out of the usual that I have healed my friend from a headache before. I mean I accidentally drain her of her energy when I touch her, but I also can give it back. I am not sure what energy it is, she says its spiritual energy. That tingled feeling,that energy of your body, that is normal and every person is capable of controlling it correct? And the ability to have the air around you become dense,when you are angry. Or to be able to sense when something is wrong with someone even when someone else can't. Every has the ability to access that isn't that correct? I mean everyone is able to cheat death and get up and walk away from things. I've done it more times than I can count. I was supposed to die as an infant. But I miraculously survived a head injury, bleeding to the brain, 3 months old, healed and no one in today's world can tell it happened. I got straight A's in school and it is as if it never occurred. Pretty cool miracle, least that's what my family says. I also have done things that I haven't gotten hurt from. I think everyone can do this too. I have cracked the bone of my kneecap off of a cement block, accidentally breaking the cement block piece right off. My cousin stared at me funny and then we both laughed. Then again I have fallen off of a small cliff into the creek of pointed rocks, my friends thought I died or went unconscious. I just got up to my feet, processed what just happened and then shook my head and looked at them. I didn't feel a thing. I was fine and said' Well you guys coming? we're supposed to be going for a walk." That's just a couple things in my life that have occurred. I am very emotionally sensitive to the things around me. I can feel each and every person's aura and sometimes it gets overwhelming because you have one person you know is highly upset, then someone who is excited, and then someone else who is depressed. I can tell who is what, and when at any place. Even if I do not know them. I can tell how they are. And as far as I know I am just another human. I mean I think at a different perspective than most people. I am a very peaceful being. People that are mean or arrogant to me, i still return to them with kindness. I do my best to maintain peace with all those who are around me. I am very highly skilled with Algebra and mathematics. And I can learn to do something after being shown it once WITHOUT being formally taught. I am well with following orders. And I am very creative. If I cannot get something I need, I improvise, create, and make new things all by myself. So you tell me. How does one know they have met an alien/human hybrid unless there is a physical featured difference. I mean I could probably sense that someone else is not human, but that is just because I am highly emphatic and as I previously said, emotionally and aurally sensitive to my surroundings. My five main senses increase and heighten as I grow older. I can hear things most people cant at a distance or at a set of sound-waves that possibly are too high of frequency or too low. The only physical unique things about me are I have a naturally long tongue that goes slightly past my chin and my eyes that change colors with my mood. They have triangle like the shape of stars that move out from y pupils. I have green, blue, yellow, and other colors that tint and mixture. there has even been a time they have been a violet tint. And like I said, as far as I know I am human. So I wish to know. What is the difference between an alien/human hybrid and a human? If you wish to contact me, my email is Inushinakura@gmail.com
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Why are you and your group hunting hybrids?
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