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Subject Zecharia Sitchin's Debunkers & shills get owned!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Anunnaki Paper #5: Discussing the Anunnaki Papers
by Wes Penre, Sunday, April 24, 2011

1. Abstract

Before you start reading this paper, you either need to know Zecharia Sitchin's work pretty well already, or have studied my previous Anunnaki Papers #1-4. If not, this paper will not make much sense, because the discussion herein is mainly about conclusions, questions, and comments around Sitchin's work, and the significance of the Anunnaki influence on our human past, present and future. So, if you haven't studied this subject previously, I strongly suggest you get familiar with it before you continue any further.

2. The Accuracy of the Sumerian Cuneiform Clay Tablets

The first thing we need to understand when we read Sitchin's work is that he translated the Sumerian tablets into modern language, drew his conclusions and found the coherency in it. That's all he could do. The tablets were written some 5-6000 years ago, by the end of the era of the Anunnaki's 450,000 years reign, or more, on Earth.

The Sumerians were able to write down what was happening to them in their own lifetime and perhaps a few generations back and still get it fairly accurate, but anything that goes further back than that is hearsay. In other words, whatever happened before that was told to them by the Anunnaki themselves. It means that it could be altered to fit the gods. After all, they wanted to make sure that humans respected them and followed their orders. Some of the tablets could also have been written by them, or human scribes, with the intention to mislead. Anything is possible here, so please keep your mind very open when you continue reading:

Figure 1: A Sumerian Clay Tablet

Much of the information the Sumerians relied on, beside what the gods told them face to face was the teachings that came out from Ea's secret society, The Brotherhood of the Snake (or The Brotherhood of the Serpent). This first secret society on Earth is the father of all secret societies that followed, and albeit we may not always know what the secrets are at the top of organizations such as Freemasonry, the OTO, the Rosicrucian's, etc., we can assume that most of them have to do with the ancient gods, their knowledge in magic and the structure of the Universe (as they knew it), and the return of the gods. The information has been passed down through all these generations.

There is way too much evidence in Sitchin's, and other similar researcher's work to discard them. Other such researchers that should be mentioned are, William Bramley, Erich von Däniken, Robert Morning Sky, Andrew Thomas, Maurice Chatelain, Harold T. Wilkins, Peter Kolosimo, Serge Hutin, W. Raymond Drake, and Jacques Vallee. Albeit, Sitchin has his debunkers, such as Mike Heiser[1]; at the end of the day, Sitchin still holds water. Some of what Sitchin claimed happened in the past has been verified by modern archeologists. Besides, they also correspond, and build upon, other ancient, sacred scriptures, including the Bible. His work is also backed up by most metaphysical sources, through channeling and by other means.

However, the Sumerian Scriptures are telling only parts of the story, and are concentrating on certain areas of the planet, such as Mesopotamia, Egypt, South America, South Africa, Babylon etc. And like we mentioned earlier, it's all from the Anunnaki's perspective.

Another reason to give credit to Sitchin's work is because the gods are still here, and those from the home planet (Nibiru) are returning on their 3,600 years cycle, approximately around 2060-2095. More about that later. I have already mentioned the LPG-C being in direct contact with the Nibiruans, but they are not the only ones. There are more people who have had face-to-face (Close Encounter of the 5th kind) with these beings, something we are also going to cover in depth later on.

Figure 2: Orphan Planet

Another question readers may have whether it's possible for planets to float around in space, like Nibiru did, before they are caught up by the gravity from a star system, please read this article from NASA: [link to science.nasa.gov]

3. Dr. Michael Heiser, Sitchin's Main Debunker

Figure 3: Fr. Michael Heiser

Just about everyone who is bringing some significant information out to the public have their debunkers. So also Sitchin, of course.

The most "famous" of these debunker is perhaps Dr. Michael Heiser at [link to sitchiniswrong.com.] He has dedicated a whole website to debunk Sitchin and is also traveling around, holding lectures on this subject and others.

Dr. Heiser is a linguist and claims that Sitchin's translations of the Sumerian cuneiform tablets are utterly wrong. Nowhere, says Heiser, is there any indication that the old Sumerians were talking about a 12th Planet or an alien race. He says that he is an expert in this language and knows what he is talking about. Of course, someone who doesn't speak the old Sumerian language can't verify whether he's correct or not, even when he's showing his "evidence".

I'm not going to spend much time explaining what Dr. Heiser is talking about; you can check it out on his website if you like. One thing he claims is that Sitchin has made it all up like some kind of science-fiction novel. This is of course not true, and often Heiser doesn't seem to know what he's talking about at worst, or he was not a linguist at all and made wild guesses and put a story together that "seemed to fit" without any credible evidence. When met with criticism, he often gets quite upset and is not convincingly managing to hold his position.

There are NASA videos of the incoming planet; it was in the newspapers in the early 1980s, and as I said, the Anunnaki are even walking among us, seen and encountered by many credible people, including LPG-C. In addition, we have a wealth of channeled information talking about this stuff.

Speaking of LPG-C; when Dr. Bordon became aware of Dr. Heiser's debunking attempts, he emailed him the following response as a comment to Heiser's research. Heiser, of course, never replied:

16 May 2011

Good afternoon, Mike. Just visited your blog (The Naked Bible/Eschatology
[link to michaelsheiser.com] Took the
time to read everything you have here, on your other site, The Facade, and
borrowed a copy of your dissertation which I also carefully and
thoughtfully read.

After some careful consideration of what Sitchin said and did (and the
“scholarship” with which he treated us through his Earth Chronicles) and
the rebuttals you regaled us all in your websites which you so ably
established sound basis in your dissertation, I came to realize two
things: (1) the Nibiru phenomenon is that, a phenomenon that has become
quite a meme in our culture as your stance and the people sharing their
views and feelings on your sites indicate; indeed, throughout the world,
and (2) the scholarship that supports or denies the reality of the
phenomenon is Biblical and sumero-egyptologic – a fact that makes both
sides (yours and Sitchin’s) open to claims that both are based upon (a) an
interpretation of the historical record, (b) a matter of expertise in
ancient near eastern languages, and (c) conclusions, being what they are
(hypothetical written “pictures” or models of a phenomenon), can be again
highly interpretive of the records treated as data supporting a view
through the prism used by the interpreter: Sitchin says “it is,” and you
say “it isn’t.”

But the story does not end there. There is, as they say, a “door number
3.” This door is the one through which, wittingly or unwittingly,
willingly or forced by circumstances, I am walking into this phenomenon.
This is the door opened by experiencers who have come in contact with
so-called Annunakis. In my case, it occurred when I was ten or eleven in
South America, on the Parana River between Brazil and Paraguay, while
fishing with my father northeast of Encarnacion, Paraguay. He and I were
“picked up” by a triangular six-man craft and, while my father was kept
sedated via interesting nonbiomedical means, I was not.

This was the first of three encounters with the same individual who lead
the first group on the Parana, and have since assisted the small
scientific cooperative that LPG-C has been since the early ’90s with very
advanced scientific information and the technology with which to get our
own by the same, or similar means, they have for apparent eaons. They
called it the “brilliance,” according to Sitchin; we were more mundane in
the naming, referring to it as simply “the tank.” We’ve been at it since
1998, when the first of two prototypes were completed, tested, and much to
our amazement, found it to work exceeding all of our expectations. The
results have been cumuli of information about how nature is and how nature
works, from the infinite to the infinitesimal, and presented in some
detail and with an historical sense of order on our new and improved
website at [link to www.lifephysicsgroup.org.] To wit: we are in process of
miniaturizing the key aspects of this apparatus, such that it could be
used by qualified scientists wishing to explore the same Nature we did.
Oh, the surprises that await them.

And we are not the only experiencers of these who call themselves Sa.a.mi.
and you and Sitchin know as Annunaki and fit the bill in appearance for
the ancient Annunaki and/or Nephilim (the latter seeming human-Annunaki
hybrids). There are others, and there are also others who are quietly
pursuing face-to-face benevolent contact with “giants” in several places
(South America, southern Africa, and the Mideast).

In a larger context, there is also an exopolitical framework which is
impinged upon by the past (and which is the reason we now all need not
scholarship proving one view or another, but rather a model of what we as
humans face today and must literally face within 50 to 70 years from now).
Whether or not Nibiru is a star or a planet or a comet, all of that is
splitting hair. The IRAS pictures did not lie, and the current South Pole
Telescope data is showing the incoming as being quite real, and
incidentally, proving Jim McCanney’s contentions out to be more certain
that any fiction I could write (and have written) about. No, Mike, this is
not fable, and it is not prehistory.

Let me close this unexpectedly longer note than I intended by simply
asking (1) whether or not you’ve ever experienced a face to face presence
with one of these creatures, and (2) what would you do if you could?

Kind regards,

Bordon also posted a slight variant of the above email on the same date, May 16, 2011, in Heiser's comment section. Bordon sent this in 2001 and is still waiting for a response: [link to michaelsheiser.com]

Source - [link to wespenre.com]

Sumerians and the Anunnaki. Presentation By Zecharia Sitchin (FULL)

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