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Message Subject What is known regarding the "Pulsating Orbs of Light" UFO's showing up worldwide!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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I have said my testimony a dozen times on GLP..Back in 2008 WHITE SILVER ORBS and MULTI COLORED TRIANGLES came out of my wall, ceiling and kitchen cabinet on three separate occasions.I have one of the experiences on video..and not long after those manifestations my house turned into a exorcist movie..lights off and on, TV off and on, Volume to TV up and down, attacked in my sleep, banging in my walls and ceiling, blowing out my transformer. They are entities that come though portals made of plasma light, in different shapes and colors. They obey the name of Jesus Christ.
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To be honest I could care less what you believe..I seen it and my husband seen it with our own to eyes. and my husband never believed in this kind of stuff. So if you think Im crazy..then my husband is crazy to. I KNOW cause I experienced it..I didn't read it in a book or watch it on a youtube video...I WITNESSED IT 1ST HAND!
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