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Anonymous Coward
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United States
11/18/2005 05:41 PM
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URANUS GOES DIRECT November 15, 2005 conjunct a Full Moon
by Eileen Nauman

Copyright 2005 Eileen Nauman
All Rights Reserved


Uranus went retrograde on June 14, 2005. It is now moving slowly out of that position, and we´re in the "shadow" of it right now (the shadow period is 2 w eeks before it turns, so from November 1 through November 14th, we are in "it"), and it turns direct on November 15, 2005, at 6 Pisces 51 minutes. What makes this one so impactful is we had, two days earlier, Mercury go retrograde on November 13, 2005! Phew! Further, Uranus is part of a greater Cosmic Play that is going on during this month (2 eclipses in October, Neptune going direct 10.26.05 and Saturn retrograde on November 22, 2005 that has been speeding down upon everyone´s life for the last two months.

Talk about chaos--that´s exactly what we will be in. And with URANUS conjunct the Full Moon at 23 Taurus (the same degree and sign that Mars went retrograde on October 1, 2005) is going to be a highly emotional, shocking, impactful time frame from for many. And this will be felt globally and affect everyone in large or small ways as a result of a crisis or series of crisis that is set into motion by these cosmic characters.


For those of you who have a planet or ascendant, Midheaven or midpoint at 6 Pisces or by opposition 6 Virgo are in for a lot of change of a sudden natur e. But it doesn´t end there--it STARTS there because the real focus of Uranus is in Pisces and by opposition, Virgo. All of you will be on a wild roller coaster ride for the next several weeks.

If you´re a Pisces born between February 21 through the 27th (with February 24th being the most affected) then you are going to feel the
full effect of Uranus pulling direct. By opposite polarity, any Virgo born between August 25th through the 31st, (with August 28th the most affected), are going to see direct, definitive action from this direct motion, as well. So ha ng on! Those with birthdays on February 24th or August 28th, your world is going for a shakedown cruise...so sit back and enjoy the ride!

And you have someone to blame for the unexpected, lightning-like chaos that is presently running your life for you: Uranus is being conjunct the Full Moon when the emotional tides of our body at high, this is going to be a super emotional time frame for you.


We are going to experience two months of absolute chaos. It can happen around us or to us, or a combination of both. The key to riding these chaotic times is remaining flexible, adaptable and not getting stuck in an attitude. Bending with the flow of energy is very necessary here, but those who can do it, will be very well off. Only those who stubborn resist (and fixed signs of Taurus, Scorpio and Leo and Aquarius) may try this, but it won´t be a happy outcome.

Every once in awhile we get too comfortable in our own little fixed rut in life. Uranus has a job to kick us out of it to remind us that Change is the only thing we can really count on.


Want to see Uranus going direct? During the shadow period of Uranus going direct in 2003, California, was literally burning up. Over 3,600 homes were destroyed. Over thirteen lives were lost.&nb sp; One fire, for sure, was set by arsonists and I´m sure the others were as well...plus a stupid hunter to set a fire in Southern California because he was lost....where was his compass???? He sets a fire to get attention and help. And then this fire blows out of control and one firefighter dies thanks to this idiot who can´t read a compass and get himself out of the woods like a good hunter would know how too. Talk about the insanity of it all. This is the craziness of Uranus. Completely unpredictable. Not thinking. Shorted-out thinking processes (A does not follow B....).

The Full Moon is going to exacerbate Uranus turning direct. People are going to feel the power of both primarily in the emotional gut-wrenching department since the Moon rules over them. Uranus is going to have a powerful emotional facet to it because of the full moon energy behind it.


When a slow moving planet (they are considered, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) goes direct, lives can turn from a well known, fixed rut to utter chaos. Usually, it is about two weeks before the actual ´turn´ that things begin to happen. With Uranus, it gets WILD! and we are going into that ´shadow´ period with Uranus beginning November 1st through November 14th.

You don´t need a planet exactly at 6 degrees of any mutable sign (Pisces/Virgo/Gemini/Sagittarius) to be ´hit´ by this Mack truck that is careening out of control right now. Anyone with something three degrees either side of this, are also under the gun. That means the following degrees are involved: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, respectively. And those of us who have "hard aspects" (conjunction, square, inconjunct and opposition) may be finding that Life is a fist to the jaw instead of a nice, unexpected pat on the back.

For those fortunate enough to have ´soft aspects´ (sextile or trine) to Uranus turning direct, you´re having some pleasant surprises come into your life--or if they haven´t, they sure will by November 15th!

Good things would be coming your way shortly because of hard work and application (the sextile´s premise and promise) you´ve already put into a project or situation. It will yield out favorably and with a surprise, in your direction.


From a numerological standpoint, the number 15 is a ´6´. So, when all done and said, it is a "6" is about relationships--be they personal or impersonal. It is also about our family and our care/concern of our children. Relationships, in general, are ruled by the ´6´ energy.
Karen David ( [link to ] www.kdmystic.net), can set up a numerology chart for you to help you understand how this energy will impact you.

A Full Moon makes people over sensitized and they get super irritable, snap at others, get grumpy and out of sorts. Tempers fray and flare quite easily. "Losing it" applies here. Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn (all Earth signs) will feel this and be deeply affected by it.

At the same time, the Full Moon energy, as does Uranus, allow a conduit between our conscious and unconscious to open up. We can have life-altering dreams, we can discover some deep facet of ourselves and will feel like a miner who has struck gold. It is a time of powerful and far reaching personal inner growth and transformation. We will find our Shadows during this period and be aware--finally--of how we project one of our wounds on others. This is a huge awareness to make and it is possible during this eclectic and electric time frame.

People are going to have more clarity than usual, too. One of the many good th ings about Uranus is opening our eyes to the truth or that ´aha´ moment that changes us forever.

Emotional upheaval is a fact during this period. Just adjust to it, know its going to happen and try to deal with the blows or events in an adaptable, flexible way. Try not to allow your emotions to overwhelm and rule you. Drama kings and queens are at their shrieking highest pitch, too.

Any attachment you have to anything is going to be tested during this period. Is is a healthy one? A good one? A positive one? Or no? You´ll find out.

Being an individual is going to stand out in bas relief as never before. You have the capacity to appreciate what you bring to the table of Life in all ways. Appreciadont_use_thisf for who you are is the focus. Some people may feel absolutely like aliens during this five week period; as if they were on a strange planet among strangers and wish to go ´home´. Others will feel a deeper connection to Mother Earth as never before and become a peaceful warrior on her behalf. This sense of belonging or not is going to be clearly demarcated. Those who bel ong will shoulder the responsibility of making changes and being held accountable for them.

This sense of being different is either going to drive a wedge between you and yourself or others or both. If you feel alien, this period gives you the opportunity to look at how you can feel as if you belong to this people/place and time. It will help you define where you feel out of sync or alien to the culture or people. And it will help you see how you can change your attitude so that there is more comfort in being here or not.

Many people may feel as if they are being swept along by a force that is outside their control; as if riding a surf board on a Tsunami. This creates the impression of being destabilized and unbalanced--and yet--you ARE heading some where. You just don´t have the whole picture; yet you are being DRIVEN to continue on that path in that direction.

This sense of being an actor/actress in a greater play is being felt by all. And indeed, we do stand at a fulcrum point in November. What people decide to do is how the reality will be shaped. When you stop and think about that--that´s pretty powerfu l concept. So, do your part and make positive, healthy changes for yourself during this time because it will turn around and be shared with the world.


First, let´s look at what Uranus rules or symbolizes. It is about lightning bolts. "Out of the blue." The unexpected. Coming out of left field. Surprises. Jolts. Trauma. Accidents. Surgery. Ai rplane crashes. Electrical shocks. Bizarre/weird accidents (think of accidents sky diving, paragliders, bungee jumping, tanker truck full of hazardous material driven by terrorists into a USA target, etc.). Sprains and strains. Stress. Nervous tension. I can´t take it any more. Explosions. Explosiveness felt inside one´s self (and no place to ´blow it off´). Trembling. Shaking. Jerking. Spasms. Epilepsy. Seizures.

Revolution and fanaticism (look at the current global attacks by terrorists on democratic countries around the world). Fanatics. Zealots. Shattering (think of the sniper killings on the East coast of the USA that has played out under the shadow of this planet going direct several years ago.... Out with the old guard, in with the new. Karl Rove, Bush´s Chief of Staff, may find himself indicted for giving up Plame, a CIA undercover agent. Sudden. Shock. Attack of some kind--asthma, a robbery, terrorists, etc. Computers crashes. ISP problems. Server hiccups. Spam deluge that will hose the Net. Net viruses are spread at this time--by terrorists is a good bet right now. Or worse, by spammers. Electrical connection foul ups. Hard disk crashes. Net upheaval or breakdown. Machinery failure of all kinds (including computers, servers, or other computer hardware). Blowing the lid off something--an conscious awareness made about some person or thing--and it comes as a huge shock and/or surprise. Roller coaster. Upheaval. Unsteady. Broken routines. Fixed patterns destroyed or changed suddenly.


If you have a hard aspect presently, it may not be the most pleasant of times for you. My advice is: watch how you drive your car, fly your plane, use a piece of machinery--pay strict attention to what you are doing--do NOT allow your focus to be torn away--if you allow it to happen, you are ripe for an accident. If you don´t have to fly in an airplane during this time--don´t d o it (unless you have soft aspects--then it´s okay). My advice is: Do NOT be in the air on a plane between November 13-16, 2005. Be on the GROUND). If you aren´t
sure about this, contact your astrologer in your local area. We have Rosemarie Brown on core faculty at starrose@sedona.net. If you get a bad feeling about traveling somewhere, or flying--then don´t do it. Wait. Reschedule after November 16th.


Back up your computer from your hard drive--and don´t say you weren´t warned beforehand. Those dealing with servers--look out--take EVERY precaution to keep your machinery online and not take an unexpected "zap" from a power surge from your electric company.

Depending upon what house or houses are involved in your natal chart, this is where the action is going to take place. Again, a professional astrologer, numerologist or dowser can tell you much more about this focus of activity.

For those of us who have hard aspects you can envision the following: A lead glass crystal glass. A sixteen pound sledge hammer. The hammer shatters the glass. THAT is what it is like for us.

Those who have soft aspects don´t get the shattering. They get the breakthrough without the sudden, unexpected destruction, tearing down, tearing away, explosiveness, of having it revealed to us in a more shocking manner.


The best thing you can do is "go with the flow" and be just as flexible and bendable as you can be--if you are--you won´t get nailed with this "put-up-or-shut-up" energy. Those who try to resist, fight or dig your heels in...well, I´ve got news for you. If you want to be blasted out of your rut, you will be--in no uncertain, in-your-face terms. It´s your choice: be a willow, not an oak in this situation or suffer or ga in from the circumstances accordingly.

For instance, Uranus rules insurrection and revolution--look what is going on in the presidential election, for example. Expect more conflagration issues between nations. "Going postal" is a real possibility, too. And road-ragers are going to be out in force; so just use sound judgment around this hot heads who are going to lose it.

Another mass killing by an ASU student in Phoenix, Arizo na, took the lives of three women professors days before Uranus went direct in 2002. He went ballistic and shot them with a rifle Stay safe. Stay alert. Stay smart in your choices.

All I can say is: this energy, which feels like a huge implosion of energy that we´re having to walk around with on our shoulders, inside ourselves, etc., will end after Sunday, November 15, 2005, and then things will settle down--but the pattern of our lives, particularly those who have hard aspects to transiting Uranus going direct--it ain´t gonna be the same. There will be CHANGES. Count on it.


Uranus rules terrorism/revolution/anarchy/rebellion. This isn´t just a US "thing" at this point. Every democratic country in the world is involved with acts of terrorism any more. No one is safe anywhere when Uranus goes retrograde or direct; it is simply a time of high instability globally speaking. And of course, the USA had its own home grown terrorists too--the snipers on the East Coast wreaked havoc for weeks in 2002, as another example of this planet in action.

Those people who have planets at 6 degrees of Pisces and Virgo (3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 Pisces and Virgo, too) need to be especially careful. So, stay alert and stay ´smart´ about your activities between now and November 15th.


These are the areas where people may be getting either pleasant or unpleasant surprises from November 1 to November 14th--understanding that as Uranus gets closer to turning direct, you will see these events unfolding more powerfully:


aliens (off-world type)
aliens (from another country)

brotherly love
genius or madman
homeless person
ideas (brilliant/pioneering)
left-brain thinking
nervous disorders (parasympathetic nervous system) nervous person the Net new/futuristic original thinkers radical rebellion stressed out sudden changes surprises (pleasant/unpleasant) technology (science) tension terrorists who unleash chemical (sarin, VX gas) or biological (Anthrax, plague, smallpox, botulism, tularemia, etc.) agents at us UFO´s uprooted/turned upside down upset urge for free self-expression vehicles in general


This is a great time to try and stay centered. Meditation is a wonderful way to accomplish this. Take time out from all the stress around yourself and remain calm and quiet. Visualizing Mother Earth in pure, clean colors that are meant to heal her, are very needed righ t now. Praying for peace has never been more necessary than right now.

Let´s hope that our prayers for peace outweigh the warmongers desire for more killing around the world.

Take a walk with your spouse or your dog. Ride your horse. Go putter in the garden. Do things that ground you and bring your life back into a simple focus. While the world will change for some, for the rest of us, it won´t. We need to provide the stability that is very needed right now, by remaining in our fixed routines that give us a sense of that essence.
Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 22748
United States
11/18/2005 07:18 PM
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important bump
User ID: 21591
United States
11/18/2005 07:32 PM
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The reason we have chaos is due to the separation of our Galactic Parents (plural) for aeons!!

You´re making it too complicated.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 14470
United States
11/18/2005 07:35 PM
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Maybe that explains why everything I´ve done in the last week or so involving technology, electricity, or mechanics hasn´t worked like it´s supposed to work!

User ID: 13280
United States
11/18/2005 07:37 PM
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I´m a Pisces and nobody messes with my anus.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 16795
United States
11/18/2005 07:38 PM
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That´s right URanus is going to be affected by this chaos, I can see you screaming....

User ID: 13280
United States
11/18/2005 07:56 PM
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"That´s right URanus is going to be affected by this chaos,"

A chaotic anus?! Dammit!!1doh1

*runs out to buy depends* poop