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Message Subject dear jesus.... dear nobody.... dear god....dear horus...dear gaia.....dear all you motherfuckers chillin in the clouds
Poster Handle Sol
Post Content
What exactly are we meant to do?
Apart from this...pleading for fucking help.
Cant 'they' umderstand its gone past the 'self'. we are not only looking to fix.our own problems, but those of an entire planet. of our brothers and sisters...our entire family.
We want to help the world, but all we are given is a ruling elite with all that power at their disposal and inly one goal, keeping themselves in power. Any and any means is fair game for them: fear poverty starvation disease torture and death. and we all know this is not what they could inflicr on 'us' bur on the entire planet.
Do the gods want war? for us to throw away millions of lives fighting this utter bullshit? even when we know it will be futile? that the remnents of those parasites will simply dig deep and hide, biding their time until another opportunity presents itself for them to once again begin taking control?

What the fuck are we meant to do?
Instead ignore it, and hope it does.not 'directly' effect us?
Buy into their bs, drink rheir poisons and watch the brainwashing and ignore the tragedy?

We plead for help. not the god dam 'an owl crossed my path, its a fucking sign' bs. honest help...want to leave us with freewill, fucking clap. you know what our will is...help 'us' make it 'our' reality
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