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Message Subject dear jesus.... dear nobody.... dear god....dear horus...dear gaia.....dear all you motherfuckers chillin in the clouds
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
someone needs to ACTIVATE THE SERPENT..I could have a year ago but unfortunately I went into this damn spiral and now it will take some time to repair (my brain)---so.....I dont know if I have 'time' to do it prior to an 'evacuation' as nobody says...I am of course, out of the 'loop' as one of the dogs in the sand even though im rather comfortable (so thanks heaven).

If someone expects me to activate the serpent before november then we may have some probelms. I do think it is POSSIBLE and I will do everything in my power to make it happen, uniting the earth with the psychic faculty of one, but I CAN MAKE NO PROMISES, and qutie frankly, its rather unlikely if there is in fact some sort of deadline (2012, etc).

I could do it beyond 2012 but this year is going to be hard, but again, Ill be doing what I can to activate it.

To anyone else that wishes to activate the serpent---nobody in particular, I bet you could do it, why dont you.
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